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Navigating VUCA

Immersive Simulation Technology

Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality | Artificial Intelligence

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Cameron Tribe

Director Immersive Learning

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B.Tech (Av), M.Tech.Mgt, Ed.M, FRAeS, GAICD, ATP, FIR(A)

An experienced airline Check and Training Captain, Cameron has been intimately involved in aviation’s dynamic training and education space over 30 years; an experienced facilitator in human performance and effective team decision making. He believes that people are at their best when equipped with effective and meaningful tools through real-life learning experiences. 

Cameron specialises in the research and deployment of immersive Extended Reality (XR) simulation technology for training and development of technical practitioners in high consequence environments. He has a particular focus on the integration of decision support technology for navigating optimum outcomes in novel and complex operational aerospace environments.


As a seasoned team leader in his own right, from large aircraft, to project management, to large-scale teams, he has experience in operational management roles that demand optimising the interface of skilled people, technology and high value assets.  

Airplane Above the Clouds
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A drive to optimise high-performing teams in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environments, while embracing highly visible accountability and effectiveness of action. Leveraging simulation technology for high-value asset management, achieving a successful balance of risk and outcomes, and maintaining the confidence and trust of customers, regulators and stakeholders.



Decision makers need to optimise cognitive capital at the intersection of environment, technology and people. Immersive simulation has the power to develop and hone transferable skills across domains, where leaders must exercise sound judgement and produce quality decisions in dynamic environments. With a future of shockwaves ahead, novel approaches to problem solving will be the key to operational success. 


Piloting Mindset harnesses decades of research and practice in aviation management in providing effective safety and performance paradigms for today's operational sectors, a driving force behind the convergence of innovation, aviation, and immersive technology. We aim to reimagine the experience of aviation training, and the future of learning in high-stakes environments.

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Multi-Storey Library
Virtual Reality Device
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Strategic Decision Optimisation Advisory

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Conference Presentation

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Educational XR & AI Research

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Extended Reality (XR) Consulting for Education & Development

Earth Projection

25 years experience in global airline operations

Research and Development

Innovation in training and research technologies


Bespoke Solutions for Optimum Results

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Learned mindsets, culturally embedded through years of training, personal development and experience; industry-transferrable expertise in operational leadership, high value asset management, team cohesion and risk-based decision making

"This isn’t about thinking outside the box,

 this is a whole new box..."

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